Tree Service

Professional Tree Care

What first comes to your mind when someone mentions tree service? Is it the pruning of branches? Or is it cutting a tree down and removing the stump from your backyard? Well, both of those things come under the term of tree service that various companies provide.

Once you plant a tree, there are many things you should do to help it grow into one strong tree that will protect you with its leaves by making a shade for you to hide from the sun on those long and hot summer days. People all around the world either do this all by themselves or contact a company that does provide tree service of all kinds. Some things can be done by yourself, such as pruning the branches, making a tree look better. But once the tree has grown quite a bit, you may want to call an expert to do the pruning for you. Trees, as we all know, depending on the type of the tree we plant, can grow quite high, which means, you’d have to climb up to cut the old diseased branches. That brings risk of falling down that tree, due to stepping on some branch that wasn’t strong enough to hold your weight on it. Cases like this one have happened many times to people around the globe, and people got hurt. That’s why you should try and find company that provides professional tree service, and let them to their job. People working in such companies are well trained to handle all kinds of trees, whether they are hired to prune the tree, or remove and old tree from your yard. With the proper equipment and knowledge, they can perform mentioned actions in no time for a small fee.

Tree Service

When climbing up a tree that has its branches weakened due to tree’s age, or neglect, or simply bad weather conditions that made a tree weaker, you should take precaution measures. Those would include having a proper climbing equipment, like ropes and belts which would be set on a strong branch that can hold the worker while he is removing those weak branches. Men who are trained for tasks like these, very well know which branch is suitable for carrying their weight, and those who are ready to be cut down.

When it comes to the removal of an old tree from the backyard, there are also couple of precautions to take. Trees are big in general, and when cutting it down, you cannot risk having the tree fall over your house. It could damage the roof or even more than that. That’s why you’re supposed to make tree fall in a specific location after cutting it. That is done with both having a tree bound and pulled by some kind of vehicle, and cutting a part out in the side where you want it to fall, and then finish it from the other side.

Above said things may have provided information how to do it yourself, but it is advised to leave it to professional tree service companies, so give yourself a favor, call such a company.